1010 South Station


By Vincen Beeckman, Christopher de Béthune, Manu Jougla, Maxime Lemmens, Sarah Lowie, Thomas Marchal, Pim Notebaert, Marie Sordat, Mathieu Van Assche, & Simon Vansteenwinckel


« 1 district.
10 photographers.
100 pictures.

1010 is a communal photography project, a shared performance of 10 photographers who gave themselves the challenge of each creating 10 images of one chosen place. For this first round, the decision fell on the burgeoning neighbourhood of the Midi Station in Brussels, Belgium, important point of passage, a bubbling melting pot of life.

In the end, these 100 photos try to give an image of this place, a subjective perspective, 10 free gazes that join to form one.

The result is in your hands. »


124 pages
Digital print / 14,8 x 21 cm / Softcover


Photographs : Vincen Beeckman, Christopher de Béthune, Manu Jougla, Maxime Lemmens, Sarah Lowie, Thomas Marchal, Pim Notebaert, Marie Sordat, Mathieu Van Assche, & Simon Vansteenwinckel
Design : Studio Dirk
© 2018


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